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This is the assignment was given by our lecturer Mr. tharshananth k assessor lecturer of computer systems for the 1st semester in BTEC HND in computing and systems development This individual assignment and I have completed this assignment by gather information for BCAS Campus notes, library books and internet.

I would like to thank to Mr. tharshananth k, of computer systems in HND in computing and systems development at the British college of Applied Studies (BCAS), who Has done appreciable help to gain knowledge in the particular subject and he arranged

Thank you!

Task 01
Task 1.1
I. explain the role of computer systems in Mountlavania BCAS Why we need to define different computer systems for mountlavania BCAS Some departments can able to do their work using low performance computer system. Some other departments need high performance computers. No need to use all the departments’ high performance computers. All the users don’t want to use the same configuration computers.

It will reduce the money for BCAS and it will help the users to do their work using computers comfortable and efficient. They can able to install the software which are required for them if suitable hardware components are attached with that computer.

Different between ICT environments are according to the variety of uses of computers. Mainly BCAS they have desktop computers. Mostly desktop computers are the suitable computers in learning environment. Students can easily understand about hardware while using desktop computers. The lecturers can easily teach about the parts of a computer system, assemble and disassemble computer systems etc. Also in everybody’s mind, if they think about computers, these desktop computers will appear in their mind.

In any departments, the computers must have UPS. In our country, the electricity cut is happening usually. SO, while using directly power using computers, it will turn off if no UPS, it will also badly affect the computer’s hardware parts. Important thing is, you will lose your data if not saved.

Software engineering department:-
Software engineering department is most important department in BCAS. Software developing department is developing software and for that benefited for BCAS

According to the institute of BCAS software engineering is ‘the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software; that is, the application of engineering to software

Activity of software engineering department:-
Software develop
Web developing
Creating software
System security
Presenting ideas and insights
Security architecture design

Why select this environment:-
Computer at business: - Today, in global markets, it is impossible to run a business without using software engineering department. Business activities can be performed very quickly and efficiently by using computer.

Administration Department

Computers, networks and electronic information systems are essential resources for accomplishing the institute especially for Administration department. They are using these technologies to and manage the internal activities of admin for quick access and efficient woks. These technologies are responsible to ensure their security, integrity, and availability for appropriate educational and business activities. Admin staffs must be aware of User Rights and Responsibilities. Because this is a very critical area where most important information are stored. “Facilities, technologies, and information resources used for the institute information processing, transfer, storage, and communications. Included in this definition are computer labs, classroom technologies, computing and electronic communications devices and services, such as modems, e-mail, networks, telephones (including cellular), voice mail, fax transmissions, video, multimedia, instructional materials....
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