Computer System

Topics: Software engineering, Operating system, Computer Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: February 13, 2013
HND Computer and Systems Development
2012 – 13
COLLEGE| City of Westminster College|
PROGRAMME| HND Computer and Systems Development|
MODULE NAME & CODE| Computer Systems Unit 2 (L/601/0446)| STUDENT NAME| |
ASSESSOR| Anas Ahmed|
| Tasks| Hand in Dates:|
| Task 1 – Report| Friday 14th February|
Key Rules: * Introduction, Content, Conclusion, Referencing. * Header: Unit title * Footer: Student Ref. No and Name in Footer * 1.5 Line Spacing * You MUST use Harvard Referencing.|

Learning outcomesOn successful completion ofthis unit a learner will:| Assessment criteria for passThe learner can:| LO1Understand the function ofcomputer systems| 1.1 explain the role of computer systems in differentEnvironments1.2 explain the hardware, software and peripheralcomponents of a computer system1.3 compare different types of computer systems|


Learning outcome| Evidence|
LO1Understand the function ofcomputer systems| This is a report where you would need to address all the criteria from 1.1 to 1.3. the report must contain and cover appropriate terminologies. The report must contain at least all the components mentioned within the unit specification.To achieve a Merit for LO1 your report should contain: * a range of sources of information * range of methods of presentation have been used and that technical language has been used accurately * The report communicates well to familiar and unfamiliar audience. * The report must showcase an effective approach to study and research and that this has been applied appropriately. * An effective approach to study and research will be evidenced through all tasks being presented/submitted on time.|

CWC has decided that one of it future projects in...
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