Computer Security proposal

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The purpose of computer security is to protect an organization’s valuable resources, such as information, hardware and software. With the increase in computer crimes, the role of security within organizations has taken on a new meaning and importance in recent years.

This proposal will address the organization’s security policies and procedures, their defense on security vulnerability, firewall design and configurations, an audit checklist covering firewall, intrusion detection system, operating system and database security. SSS Inc. will find ways to combat these security challenges and implement measures to avoid these threats of the security system for the B & N Corporation.


The development of computer technology and communication over the last decades has change the life of society, government and businesses. The Internet has become an indispensable communication tool and an integral part of our daily lives. Businesses, large corporations and small companies alike, have also integrated the Internet in their daily operations. For most businesses the Internet serve as a platform upon which their business processes are built and performed. As businesses become more complex, vital business information are being stored, exchanged and transferred over the Internet and data security has become a major concern. It is imperative to implement a robust system, upgrade your firewall and the necessary security system for your organization that will protect the company’s assets and avoid financial loss.

Problem Statement
Computer crimes and security breached are becoming more sophisticated and they are increasing in frequency. Cybercriminals like cyber terrorists are targeting organizations with viruses, worms, malware, hacking, phishing and anonymous techniques that can evade current security controls. These attacks can compromised any organization computer system and IT infrastructure and also impact their reputation. Many...

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