Computer security

Topics: Computer, Central processing unit, Von Neumann architecture Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: October 22, 2014
Basic Outline
Chapters 1-3 COMPORG&ARCH Textbook o Understand assigned homework questions and exercises o Review posted PDFs on moodle with correct question / exercise answers Chapters 3-6 Linux Bible Textbook o Understand assigned homework (VI editor questions will be not asked)

Chapter 1 Questions
1.What is the difference between computer organization and computer architecture? The study of computer organization focuses on this hierarchy and the issues involved with how we partition the levels and how each level is implemented. The study of computer architecture focuses on the interface between hardware and software, and emphasizes the structure and behavior of the system.

2.What is an ISA?
The ISA is the agreed upon interface between all the software that runs on the machine and the hardware that executes it. The ISA allows you to talk to the machine.
3.What is the importance of the Principle of Equivalence of Hardware and Software? Principle of Equivalence of Hardware and Software: Any task done by software can also be done using hardware, and any operation performed directly by hardware can be done using software. •Tells us that we have a choice.

Knowledge of computer organization and architecture will help us to make the best choice.
4.Name the three basic components of every computer.
1.A processor to interpret and execute programs
2.A memory to store both data and programs
3.A mechanism for transferring data to and from the outside world
7. What unit is typically used to measure the speed of a computer clock? Power-of-10 prefixes are ordinarily used for power, electrical voltage, and frequency. A computer's clock speed is normally measured in MHz (megahertz) orGHz (gigahertz). A megahertz is equal to one million ticks per second while one gigahertz is equal to one billion ticks per second.

22. State Moore’s Law.
Moore's law is the observation that, over the history of...
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