Computer Security

Topics: Computer security, Computer, Security Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Computer technology permeates most aspects of our lives. The ability to use computer technology and to evaluate electronic information has become a basic skill for most of people. In most places of business, a computer is standard. In the bank they use computers to look up for account information. They use computers in the auto repair shop to assess the cars. We can't find books in the library by looking in a card catalog — we must use a computerized database. Doctors' offices utilize computers to store patient information. The point is this — no matter what we’re doing, a computer will be a basic tool we will have to use and come with it is an important thing: The Computer security. Computer security means to protect information. It deals with the prevention and detection of unauthorized actions by users of a computer. Computer security has come to play an extremely vital role in today's fast moving, but invariably technically fragile business environment. Consequently, secured communications are needed in order for both companies and customers to benefit from the advancements that the Internet is empowering us with. The importance of this fact needs to be clearly highlighted so that adequate measures will be implemented, not only enhancing the company's daily business procedures and transactions, but also to ensure that the much needed security measures are implemented with an acceptable level of security competency when there’re so many threats to the computer out there. The greatest threat to computer systems and their information comes from humans, through actions that are either malicious or ignorant. When the action is malicious, some motivation or goal is generally behind the attack. For instance, the goal could be to disrupt normal business operations, thereby denying data availability and production. This could happen between two rival companies or even as a hoax. Here is a real life example: April 13, 2000, 3:55 P.M. Pacific time: The Web site for the...
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