Computer Science Perosnal Statement

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The thought of trying out new ideas and having no knowledge of the outcome, is what stimulates an individual for further analysis to be able to create something that can be developed and used within the upcoming technology, and to be a part of this is what I find most appealing about computer science. Being able to maintain a curious and explorative attitude is what I believe leads to gaining new knowledge which increases everyday allowing a personal to be learning constantly. This allows us to combine to the immeasurable potential of originality that already exists within this line of work.

During my years of secondary education I have developed a great interest in computers, not only how they are made but what really goes on behind the screen, many other courses usually need some sort of equipment to create something new, but the mesmerizing thing about computer science is that you can create something Implausible from nothing, Studying AS computing has enhanced both my knowledge and experience in the applications of computer systems, basic computer architecture and the language a computer understands which is binary a set of numerical figures (1’s and 0’s) that when put in a specific sequence become instructions which are executed by the computer. Algorithms and logical problem solving is something I enjoy a lot which can explain my interest within programming and computers themselves. I have had the opportunity to learn programming in visual basic and by using HTML which can be very confusing and challenging but this is what keeps me motivated to try harder and complete what I have started, my curiosity has also led me to choose AS Maths, this has given me a quick grasp of concepts within computing allowing me to think out of the box and find a solution for a problem in way I understand. I enjoy these subjects the most and I hope what I continue to learn will help me in university.

As well as my compulsory educational programme I regularly...
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