Computer Science & Music Production

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Professor Sears
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Oct 26 2010

Two Careers I would Love to Do

Since I was a child I was never one of those kids who wanted to be a firefighter, a police officer, a doctor or even a lawyer. My careers made me stand out from the rest of the class. When the teacher asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say computer programmer or music producer. While both computer programming and music production are both time consuming and hard work, computer programming is more complex while music production requires more practice. Most of my life I’ve been trying to decide which one would I like to do more, comparing and contrasting different features in both career’s.

A computer programmer designs software programs using logical works such as flow charts. To become a computer programmer, you must first take course in computer science. You must also take a website development and open source coding contributor class. To do this job, you must have good skills in math, have creativity , be able to do logical processing, and have a strong attention for detail.. There are 3 major paths under computer programming, which are education such as a teacher, website development, and the one that I would love to do software programming. An average computer programmer can make up to 70k a year. The reason why this is one of my career’s is because I have always been interested in how a computer works. What make the programs run? How do I make these programs? If I was to get a career in computer programming, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My second career is to become a music producer. Am music producer is a person who makes and/or produce music. To be a music producer there is no real required course you have to take like you do for computer programming. The only real courses you would take are audio engineering and music management. To become a music producer you have to first familiarize yourself with music. You should be able to...
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