Computer: Science Fiction and Modern Technologies

Topics: Science fiction, Personal computer, Computer Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: November 12, 2013
The World has changed. Progress is coming. Why shouldn’t we enjoy modern technologies? It’s foolish not to accept [ək'sept] new, unusual things which didn’t use our parents. It’s created for only one purpose ['pɜːpəs] целью – to improve our life. But nowadays world divided on 2 parts – first are people who accept modern technologies and those who don’t. Personally I belong to the first modern group of people. As a pupil I often use modern technologies and can’t imagine my life without computer, mobile phone, and other technologies anymore. So I’m going to explain my point of view and convict ['kɔnvɪkt] убедить people from the second group that modern technologies truly improve our life and make it easier and convenient. First of all you shouldn’t think that personal computer is your enemy ['enəmɪ]недруг. On the contrary computers and Internet offer opportunities to work, study, entertain and also communicate with the whole world without going out from your home. The greatest invention for studying is that now every student is able to watch live online lessons broadcasting on the PC monitor at home. Employers can control their own business in the Internet, ordinary people can do shopping in the i-net shops, communicate with friends or learn foreign languages Moreover, a mobile phone can help you to get out of a difficult situation or reach your partner wherever [(h)wɛə'revə ] he is. According to statistics, nowadays it is much more easier for people to get any kind of information with the help of modern devices. And it is a well-known fact, that the person who owes the information, rules the world. One of the most popular developments in science is computer. It is a modern complex machine, new accomplishes things we never thought possible. Computers have many benefits, for they provide entertainment, help modern cities function, and above all, they make the most difficult tasks incredibly simple. Computers can be used to create drawings for engineering or...
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