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Topics: Personal computer, Computer, Von Neumann architecture Pages: 2 (250 words) Published: January 21, 2014
December 17, 2013
Lab Assignment 1

1.Diagram of a computer from the von Neumann perspective,including definitions of all parts of the model. The five main groups within the von Neumann computer model.
-Definition for each part of von Neumann model
.CPU ( Central Processing Unit) is the part of the computer that does the calculations and tells to the other parts what to do. .RAM(Random Access Memory) also called working memory is the memory allocated for the time we are working on the computer.this memory is lost once the computer is shutdown. .ROM(Read Only Memory) is the memory that is permanently allocated in the computer. .Input devices are the devices used to input data(informations) into the computer .Output devices are the devices used to output or get out data(informations) from the computer. 2.Examples of the input,output,and memory sections of the model. a.Input Devices:

b.Output Devices:
Hard drive,CD-ROM,optical drive and RAM.

3.Comparison table showing the similarities and differences between desktop and notebook computers.

Both are Personal Computer(PC)

Both have the Motherboard with it components Keyboard,monitor and mouse come separately.
Keyboard,monitor and mouse attached to it.

Both do the same job.
You can add extra internal card slots and disc-drive.
You rely only on the built in external ports to connect peripheral devices. Both have RAM and ROM
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