Computer Revolution

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Chapter 29/30 Test Essay

In America, the way of life was changing. People started to think differently and act differently—for better and for worse. In the 1990’s the personal computer became more popular, changing American politics and culture forever and sending us into new eras of technology. This is why I believe the computer revolution made the most profound impact on American culture and politics.

In the 1990’s, computers began a revolution in the workforce. Businesses relied on the computers for things like word processing, accounting and record keeping. They changed the way banking had previously worked. In the earlier years, you would have to work with a person to deposit and to take money out of the bank. Because of computers, the ATM was created and allowed people to go from personal service to computerized service, making banking faster and easier than ever. Computers also allowed large corporations to do computer-based teleconferences, which kept businesses from spending large amounts of money on expensive business trips.

In the health care industry, computers made diagnosis and treatment more reliable for patients. It helped to refine techniques for Ultrasounds, MRI’s and PET scans. The computers helped to increase the image quality of Ultrasounds and allowed them to go completely digital. Because of the advancement in computer technology, doctors could now look inside the body. This was a pivotal change for surgeries, now allowing the surgeons to see what they were doing when operating on a patient. Lastly, computers allowed doctors offices and hospitals to keep better records of their patient’s histories.

In the health care industry computers were huge and very successful, but in the educational system computers seemed to collect a lot of dust and just sit around in schools. Many teachers were not ready to move on from the traditional ways of teaching, to the use of computers. But from 1990 to 1998, computers...
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