Computer Rental System

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Internet is one of the most important and beneficial invention of man. Because of this, people worldwide find means to have an easy and fast communication, research for the study purposes become convenient and serve as a good source of income. Those benefits from the internet are very productive to man. They put up different computer rental shops, as well as posh internet café, that increase the competition in their own field. And one of their main concerns is to improve their system to have fast and manageable transaction in their business.

That is why we have conducted this study how an internet café can function well by applying the Visual Fox Pro 6.0 programming language in their system. And to achieve tasks that will be more manageable, accurate and reliable to their business.

Background of the Study

Lincoln Internet Café located at Bato- Bato St., Riverside, Commonwealth Avenue,

Quezon City started their business in September 2009. Owner Lincoln Avenida

was the one who manages the business. Aside from him, he has also one assistant that

helping him in the café.

The internet café uses manual system in recording the usage of their computers. They

use a log-book that contains the following list: computer number, time in and out, time to

be consumed and the amount to be paid. Aside from this task, the assistant is also

obliged to ask or remind the customer if they are going to extend their time or they

about to end their transaction. After that, they encircle the computer number, calculate it

by computing the time the customer have consumed.

LIC (Lincoln Internet Café) system is time consuming and difficult. Sometimes,

customers exceeded their usage because they are not guarded properly. And having

this kind of negligence causes an income lost to the business.

Objective of the Study


The study aims to develop a system that can manage the task in an internet café to

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