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1.3 Scope and limitation

The Scope of the study is for the Enrollment system of the said University. The study will include Diliman Network connection s and how they work. It is focus on the network data Management that used by the It staff. In the status of Diliman computer technology Institute they use old-fashioned way of enrollment system that take a long time to proceed a application, base on what we study the global technology make higher and higher the improvement about web browsing so we trying to make some code or program that can be ruined by the help of data management and web design. The study is all about how we can make program can send a data in another application and how will be the effect of this system to our environment in diliman computer technology institute. But in some many reason were knowledge are limited, our program are limited of this thing because of some losing data we attended to avoid.

>The study does not cover a payroll system.

>The study not included to code Upgrading system.

>The Programmer no responsibilities In terms of error of data and data loss.

This limitation is can be harm to our program and the time that given to us is not enough because if we included this limitation are system need to be know by other company and we needed to deal with their terms and condition.

1.2 Statement of the problem

In this study we have many Question that we trying to avoid. In our case we confused some of the methodology in sending data, how long the program cost time to make if time given is enough for us to finished, if our program can be user-friendly of its design that we attended to have, how Big the size of storage data needed in our system in storage, data transfer we are confused in this study how will can do this and if their need firewall ,network management, and server, and how will be the program effectiveness.

>Time contingency

>User friendliness



>Data storage

>Data Transfer

In this study that trying to avoid a losing of data that given to staff if our program are completely run and lunched to the web page and site.

1.5 Definitions of terms
1.5.1 Network
To have a connection in two part of system which website and software

1.5.2 Send Data
This system which help the transferring data from website to software

1.5.3 Receive Data
These systems which help to store data and receive data from website that designs.

1.5.4 Registrar staff
Registrar is responsible for securing data that receive and the one who manage the software and website.

1.5.5 Software
It’s the installable software that connected to web site and the one responsible for setting, securing and collecting.

1.5.6 Web site
It’s the webpage that connected to software, and it’s the responsible for Communication of the user and registrar staff.

Efficiency of Enrolling in DILIMAN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE using online Enrollment

Ramos Clinton bh E. Palomer
Mark Fernan Bacus
B.S. Information Technology Candidates
(September 2013)


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of the study

This study aims to come up w/ an online enrollment system of DILIMAN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE students w/c also include information pertinent data such as name, year, section, etc. this thesis we proposed is for all and most especially in the school of DILIMAN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE to enable to produced information by different people.

Nowadays It is important to every college and universities to have an enrollment every school year. But these schools are using different methods. Like here in DILIMAN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE, they are using the very common manual method of enrollment.

With this situation, enrollment period in the school is very time assuming and yet since. The school is not that well-known in its field...
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