Computer Network Specialist

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Computer Network Specialist

Abdool Samad
Mr. Shin
Nov. 6th , 2013
The reason I have chosen a Computer Network Specialists is because I love computers of

what they do and what they are capable of doing and how it has helped the humans thrive and

succeed in ways other species can’t.

Computer Network Specialists develop, install, and maintain the networks that connect

computers to each other. Their duties are to set-up computers and install network software,

monitor the network from a central server, delete files from the server and set-up user

accounts and to teach staff how to use the network and fix minor problem they may encounter

also some Computer Network Specialists handle security issues or help design off-site systems

for emergencies and other situations. The skills/education required to pursue this career is to

have a high school diploma, and post-secondary education in the computer field, also courses

or programs in computer science, computer information systems, or computer networking is a

good idea, some skills need are good communication and problem solving.

Network specialists usually work a regular 5-day, 40-hour week, but overtime may be

required in cases if network problems or equipment failure occur. Salaries for people range

from about $30,000 to $80,000 a year. However, some senior network specialists earn more

than $100,000 a year. Benefits include your regular benefits such as health but more (or less)

benefits depend on your employer and your skillset. Working conditions are mostly well known

businesses such as governments, universities, hospitals, banks and other organizations or

businesses and working environments usually include an indoor business atmosphere. What

the future hold for people in this career is a salary cap if you are good at what you do or even

higher positions as for the job at hand it would pretty much stay the same as analysis is always

a key point. This occupation mostly deals with things such as computers, software’s and cables,

although dealing with people and information plays a small part too.

A high school diploma and post-secondary education are a must to get into this career path.

Some high school subjects are good to take are Personal & Career Development, Electronics &

Communications Technology, Probability & Statistics, Business & Management, Information

Technology and all your other compulsory courses and you need to achieve a 80+% average.

The program Networking and Systems Management are offered by Humber College &

Centennial College, this program is advanced education in the networking field and systems


What is appealing about being a Computer network specialists is that you get to work with

networks and get to learn on the job, you get to meet new people all the time as you move a

lot, also the work you do is hands-on as you are working with equipment. Likewise some

difficult aspects are that sometimes it can get really stressful at times, managing tasks and

perform what tasks have to be done right away and what tasks can be done at a later date or

not all and figuring out what knowledge can be applied to different situations at the right


This job fits my personality because I am interpersonal meaning that I can communicate with

people well and efficiently to display/portray ideas and in this field of work you need to have

good communication skills, also me being right-brained means that I can analyze situations and

put them in order to make sense of it all.

Becoming a Computer Network Specialists is definitely worth pursuing in the coming years

because as we know computers basically run the world as it is today and we can’t live a second

without technology so as we are continuing to advance in our understanding...
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