Computer Literacy

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Chapter 1
Background of the Study
Computer literacy has been regarded as essential to every individual nowadays since the industrialization and innovation of technologies for the development of the world was indeed a must. Most countries in the world that aim to be successful used to train their people with good computer education in order to be competitive in all aspects of work.

Annually, huge percentage of people purchased computers to satisfy and help them to have an effective and efficient job. Some computers were used for personal reasons such as entertainment and leisure.

Computer was actually made for a major reason. It is for computations of different attributes. Computer processes was patterned in different earliest devices. The earliest devices used for computations include the abacus, the tally stick, and the slide rule. Though these simple devices were suitable and effective, as calculations grew more complex and the speed of calculation became more important, the need for mechanical computing devices became greater. And so, electronic computers were made.

Perhaps the biggest surprise in the history of electronic computers is the number of them now in use. In 1945, experts thought that merely a dozen machines would satisfy all practical needs for computers worldwide for 50 years. Today there are over 50 million personal computers (PCs) in use, not counting supercomputers, minicomputers, and the myriad of special computers, or microprocessors, integrated into washing machines, automobiles, videocassette recorders (VCRs), mobile phones or cell phones, and virtually all machines. Personal computers today are much more powerful and flexible than any of the mainframe computers of 1945 and immensely more powerful than the early calculating machines of the 1600s. While as recently as 100 years ago, formed by hand, today both are frequently performed with the aid of a computer. Technological innovations such as the computer and their effect on the world around us have changed the way people learn, communicate, and do work (Encyclopedia Americana, 2002).

Indeed, the importance of computer education should be taught or included to all aspects of curriculum plans and program especially in the basic education for pre – school, elementary, and high school. The study therefore, which we are going to conduct is to ascertain the effectiveness of computer education as perceived by fourth year high school students of Infant Jesus School, school year 2007 – 2008.

The effectiveness of computer education was assisted to gather data to serve as basis for appropriate action and innovation, which might undertake towards improving the quality of computer literacy at the Infant Jesus School.

The relationship between and among variable are illustrated in the paradigm that follows: Independent VariableModerator Dependent Variable

Figure 1. Performance among fourth year high school students as they perceived through the effectiveness of computer education and a certain factor. Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis
This study look into the effectiveness of computer education perceived among fourth year high school students of Infant Jesus School.
It further ascertains the difference on the perception of students in their computer education.
Specifically, this study aims to account the following questions: 1.What is the level of perception among students towards their computer education? 2.What are the perceptions of students towards the effectiveness of computer education at Infant Jesus School? 3.Is there a significant difference on the students’ level of perception towards the effectiveness of computer education when grouped according to gender?

Based on the problems presented, this study advances the hypotheses: Null Hypothesis:
There is no significant difference on the level of perception towards the effectiveness of computer education among students when grouped...
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