Computer Inventory Control Policy

Topics: Personal computer, Computer data storage, Inventory control system Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: September 5, 2010

To provide for centralized inventory management and control of all company-owned computers and computer related equipment to ensure adequate accountability of resources. II. OFFICE OF PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY:

The Information Technology department is responsible for the development, coordination, maintenance, and distribution of the Company Computer Inventory Control Policy. The Policy and any changes to the Policy, to be in effect, must be adopted by the Officers of the company. The IT Department shall be responsible for developing any necessary process charts and/or procedures which support the implementation of this policy. III. CHANGE CONTROL PROCEDURES:

Recommendations for changes to the policy shall be submitted in writing to the IT Department. The IT Department will, after review, include the recommendations for change and scheduled a meeting for discussion and possible action. If the changes are adopted by the officers, the Policy shall be updated, the revision number and effective dates changed, and the Policy re-distributed. IV. POLICY STATEMENT:

The IT Department shall be responsible for creating and maintaining a Master Inventory System for all Computer and Computer related equipment for all Stores, Offices and Departments. Types of equipment shall include but not necessarily be limited to: A. Personal Computing Systems and Peripherals:

1. File Server Platforms. PC Based systems used to serve multiple PCs in a networked (Local or Wide Area) environment whether or not it may also function as an independent workstation. Includes system identification, current configuration of directly or remotely connected internal or external hardware devices (CD-ROMS, Scanners, Printers, Copiers, Fax Hardware, Memory, and Internal Mass Storage Devices), and operating systems versions- 2. Communication Devices. Controllers, Modems, Gateways and any other devices connected directly or remotely to the PC...
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