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Chapter 1
Things to do (page 5)
2 Examples which must be manual include: holiday brochures; guidebooks to the country/area; atlases/maps; encyclopaedias; geography textbooks 4 (a) (i) Any three sensible details such as: health problems/medication; name of parent/guardian; home telephone number; parent’s/guardian’s mobile/cell phone number; parent’s/guardian’s email address; parent/guardian work contact telephone number; options taken; form teacher

(ii) You might have two pupils with the same surname and forename. The pupil number is a unique identifier in these situations.
(b) The form should be laid out sensibly with important information first. The form should contain the fields listed in the question and also the three answers for part 4 (a)(i).
(c) Teachers and administrative staff can immediately identify a pupil if they cannot remember their name.

Examination Questions (page 303)
1 (a) Any two from:

The interactive nature of multimedia makes lessons fun.

They can have video, sound, graphics and photographs.

A huge amount of information can be stored in a small space. For example, encyclopaedias consisting of many volumes can be stored on one or two CD-ROMs.

(b) One from:

One computer is really needed for each pupil.

The use of multimedia may discourage pupils from reading books.

2 (a) Any two from:

They hold a huge amount of data (video clips, sound, graphics, photographs and text), typically 650 Megabytes.

Information Systems for you, Fourth Edition answers © Nelson Thornes Ltd 2011


A couple of CD-ROMs can replace the contents of many traditional paper volumes.

Searching CD-ROMs takes much less time.

(b) Any two from: graphics (still or animated), photographs, sound, video clips.

Chapter 2
Test Yourself (page 10)

hardware, software (or vice versa)










information, searching





Things to do (page 11)

(a) Keyboard

(b) Floppy disk

(c) Visual display unit

(d) Mouse

(e) Central processing unit


(f) Word processor

(g) Operating system

(h) Joystick

(i) Spreadsheet

(j) Database

2 (a) Microprocessor
(b) Both
(c) Faster – can process more data in less time; more accurate; can work 24 hours per day 3 (a) Any two from, e.g.: accurate weather forecasting; space travel; processing of credit cards.

Information Systems for you, Fourth Edition answers © Nelson Thornes Ltd 2011


(b) Weather forecasting – The amount of data that needs processing would take a long time; Space travel – for working out accurately orbits, project planning, etc.; Processing of credit cards – Can process data very quickly without human intervention.

4 The points made in this paragraph could include points similar to the following: •

It de-skills certain jobs (e.g. a typist);

It leads to unemployment;

It can lead to bad health (e.g. RSI, bad eyesight, etc.);

It makes people slaves to the machine;

It invades our privacy;

It has led to many new crimes (e.g. hacking, identity theft, etc.).

Examination Questions (page 303)
1 Any two from: controlling the temperature of an oven; controlling the washing programs in a washing machine/dishwasher; sensing when clothes are dry in a tumble drier; reading the barcode on ready meals to determine the cooking time; etc. 2 (a) A microprocessor is a single chip that contains a CPU. It is the brain of the device and is used for control.

(b) Any two from: telephones, cookers, children’s toys, cameras, toasters, etc. (c) Any three from: push switch/door sensor to make sure the door is shut; pressure sensor to detect the amount of washing in the drum; water level sensor to detect that the correct amount of water is added;...
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