Computer forensics

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Mahmud Khansur
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Table of Contents
Outline & Introduction3
Researched Explanations3
Application of Anti-Forensic Techniques :5
Deleting Files (Student ID & Movie Name)5
Deleting Files (Picture)14
Evaluations, Recommendations& Conclusion18

Outline & Introduction

People who try to steal or seek other people's personal information is growing rapidly in today's society. Before we know it, a certain person may have access to your bank account ; before you know that your account is empty. You can access your e -mails ; before you know it your account will be hacked. Social networks to mobile phones ; People can even hide some things in images if they can certainly not be accessed. While we may delete files from our computer system, it does not leave your system immediately. Yes, it was removed but it is still floating around on your hard drive , making it easy for someone to easily recover the deleted file . This will include some different amount of information about how we can access hidden information , delete, copy information and hide some things in many ways . There will be discussions , explanations, tips, definitions and analytical critical information we need to know ; also accompanied by numerous screen shots of the work . Programs like Winhex , ProDiscover basic and SilentEye also play a monumental role in the report. Regarding the report , it will be in charge of anti- forensic techniques such as data hiding , wiping secure , encryption, file deletion, steganography and much more . After everything is done , then it will need a picture of the USB , so it can be further improved and used for activities and future tasks.

Researched Explanations

There are different types of anti - Forensic experts and the following definitions described below , research areas , etc., used to work even students :

* Data Hiding
It may be referred to as data encapsulation or information hiding . OOP ( Object Oriented Programming ) plays an important role in the use of data hiding . With this technique , it has the ability to hide the internal objects . It is important that users have the ability to access information on the go . Users may not want to lose valuable data , no useful information in the space and try to hit that particular area . Encapsulation of data while hiding the information hidden in the sole of the class information , and private methods , class data element hides. (, 2004)

* Encryption
This kind of opposition - forensic generally known in today's modern society . It's very useful to have different meanings and definitions . Using encryption from the aspect of anti - Coroner area can experience the only people who , again, you can read that trying to change things in a certain way . From the beginning , the user can encrypt a certain kind of

Text , change around their usual settings and put into effect - hard for anyone else to return to normal . This kind of opposition - some other people can see it, some people do not want to firmly pieces of information that will have the ability to defend , because effective forensic techniques . It's like email , finance , web browsing history , the business purpose can be used in many fields

* Secure Wipe
Safe Cleaning Safe Disk Cleanup to remove the same or with different terms . With this particular type of anti - forensic techniques , immediately focuses on removing specific files from the computer system ; No turning back . This technique has been deleted and are trying to recover the files that are used to recover the pieces of information . If someone deletes a file, typical , for the most part , everyone go to the Recycle Bin to recover from it knows , but if you look in the Recycle Bin , the files can still be recovered . The files are still on...

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