Computer Exposure

Topics: Computer, Education, Emotion Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: August 12, 2013
·How exposed are the elementary students in using computers?

·What are the purposes of elementary students in using computers?
> educational purposes such as research.
> Entertainments like playing online games.

·What are the implications of computer's exposure to students in terms of:
> Cognitive (involved in learning, knowing, and understanding things) POSITIVE EFFECT
= Helps to widen their learnings
= They can develop their communication skills.
= Ma prone sila sa mga content sa computer na dili dapat pambata. Na mag result sa ilahang mind na feeling nila tama ilang makita. ----------
> Affective ( Influenced by or resulting from the emotions.) POSITIVE EFFECT
= They become happier because the games that are being played by the students, has become more interesting. NEGATIVE EFFECT
= Ang mga mali na info na ilang makita, pwede nila iapply sa ilahang sarili w/o knowing na tama ba ilang ginabuhat. = Dako ang posibility na ma apektuhan ilang attitude.
> Social ( Inclined to seek out or enjoy the company of others) POSITIVE
= They become more socialize
= They can boost up their confidence and since they are elementary students they can be able to express their selves to others.
= They can gain more friends
= They can develop their communication skills.
= They have no enough time for them to interact among other children.
= The games and sports that the Filipino culture used to do has been ignored because of the influence of the modern world.
= Limited time for family bondings.


We choose the DWCES because among the elementary institution in GenSan, DWCES is the only school that is the center of GenSan and aside from its largest number of elementary students, DWCES is most known when it comes to Public Schools. WHY DO YOU CHOOSE PUBLIC SCHOOLS?

We all know that...
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