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Chapter 3, reading #1
Computers and the Pursuit of Happiness
In the essay “Computers and the Pursuit of Happiness,” David Gelernter explains the influence of new technology, especially Internet and Computers on people’s life and society. David Gelernter divides his essay in three part, in the first part he speaks of information age. He believes that we are not in the information age, therefore he considers the necessity of coal, steel and concrete unchanged, even though we are not in the old industrial age anymore. He also states that internet can’t have any influence on our physical needs.

There are arguments between believers of new information age, that Gelernter sorts them in three categories. The first one is about the capability of these fancy machines to create, move and store the information that has effected by all type of electronic devices. The second argument is about defeating of Geography which had happened because of computer network. The last one is the intelligence of these new machines, but this idea has argued with the fact that we had smart machines long before the invention of computers.

Gelernter has also pointed at the effect of technology to defeat distance between places, which was one on the goals of industrial revolution from beginning. Additionally Gelernter mentioned that computers and internet caused a revolution in world of science and engineering which he considers as actual computer revolution.

In the second part of this essay Gelernter speaks of the valuation of computers in people’s life. He speaks of happiness in people’s life and way that is has changed since past decades. He didn’t say that people are happier now or they were happier, Gelernter compared the way that he and his wife use to enjoy their childhood without computers with new generation who have been attached to computer games and technology.

Improvements that technology had until now were so grateful in Gelernter opinion and he...
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