Computer Dictionary Assignment

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Dictionary assignment

Victoria walker
Chapter 2, 3, 5, and 11


Address bar: the area on a web-browser screen in internet explorer where a user key a website address or URL ADSL: a type of high speed digital access using standard copper telephone lines Analog modem:a connection device that converts digital data on a travel on the internet along telephone lines Anti-virus software: computer program designed to detect and disarm or remove computer viruses that attempt to disrupt or even destroy files and other program Armored virus: a type of virus designed to protect its self from anti-virus programs by using tricks to make detection and elimination more difficult ARPEET: an early version of the internet, by the advanced researched program agency of the U.S department of defense that linked together mainframe computers to form a communication network, it was decommissioned in 1990

Backbone: a structure that handles the major traffic in a nwtwork system, similar to a high way Back up: copying of a program or file to other location for safe keeping, to be used if program or file are damaged or lost Bio: a computer program that includes instructions allowing a CPU to interface with other hardware devices before the operating system is loaded; it is hard-coded onto a chip on the motherboard at the time of manufacture; acronym for basic input or output Biometric:

Biometric authentication: a method of determining the isentity of a person using biological Biometric identification: a measurable of the biological characteristics of an individual. Bits: a small unit of data a computer can use; with the value of 0 or 1;short for binary digits blogs: types of websites on which authors post entries in journal format Bus: a set of conductor wires that transport data among components inside the computer through an electric path Boot sector: the area on a computer disk or hard drive containing the program that loads the operating system Boot-sector viruses: viruses that infect the boot-sector of a disk or hard drive by overwriting a program’s code when a computer is turned on or restarted they can destroy all program and document files Bytes: a unit of memory needed to tore characters such as lettres, numbers or punctuation mark.

Cache: storage area.
Cds: small, round, plastic disk on which information such as audio, video, text, and other data can be stored and retrieved in digital form Client/server network : a computer-network arrangement that designates one computer the leader of all the other computer in a network, and in which the clients communicate with each other through the server; the leader is often bigger, faster, and more powerful and can run the network operating system software Collaboration tools: software that allows several users to share ideas, research data, and so on when working on the same project Command-driven interface: an interface in which a user enters commands by keying them in Conductor wires: wire that supply electricity paths for the transport of data between the components of the computer Cookie: a small text file written to a user’s computer by a website,the browser store the messages in a file that is sent back to the server each time that browser request a page from the server CPU: the main computer chip that processes instructions, calculate data, and manages the flow of information in the computer; the “brain” of the computer, where most calculation takes place; also called microprocessor

Data: raw, unprocessed numbers, characters, or symbols
Data files: files created by information input by users through a software application program. Decode: translate or interpret data info ordinary language; produce an output when fed by certain inputs. Default alignment: in most word processors, the present document setting that justifies the lines of text at the left hand margin and leaves the right-hand margin ragged Default...
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