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Computer System Is a complete, working computer. The computer system includes not only the computer, but also any software and peripheral devices that are necessary to make the computer function. 1. Hardware

3.Peopleware / Live ware
It is best described as a device that is physically connected to your computer or something that can be physically touched. INPUT DEVICE –any device that allows the person to communicate information to the computer / gives information to the computer system so that it can perform its tasks Bar Code Reader –is an input device used to scan a Bar Code Reader pattern of lines using optical sensing techniques the line patter is coded information about the item to which it relates (e.g. the price and description of an item of merchandise). Digital Camera –record images in digital form.

Digitizing Tablet –an input device that enables you to enter drawings and sketches into a computer. A digitizing tablet consists of an electronic tablet and a cursor or pen. A cursor (also called a puck) is similar to a mouse, except that it has a window with crosshairs for pinpoint placement, and it can have as many as 16 buttons. Keyboard –is the most commonly used input device, similar to a typewriter keyboard that is a part of a terminal that is connected to a computer elsewhere. Mouse–which has a ball on its underside, is rolled on a flat surface, usually the desk on which the computer sits / a device that controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on a display screen, originally designed by Xerox Trackball –it is a variation on the mouse, but it is an upside mouse-you roll the ball directly with your hand. Touchpad –your finger as the pointer/ is a pressure-sensitive pad that is smaller, more accurate, thinner, and less expensive to build than a trackball. Scanner – Devices that can read text or illustration sprinted on paper and translate the information into a form the computer can use. A scanner works by digitizing an image dividing it into a grid of boxes and representing each box with either a zero or a one, depending on whether the box is filled in. Categories of Scanners

1. Flat bed Scanner –It is a typically scans one sheet at a time, although some offers an attachment for scanning multiple sheets. Advantage: It can be used to scan bound documents, such as pages from books and other bulky items. 2. Sheet feed Scanner–Motorized rollers feed the sheet across the scanning head. Advantage: It is usually designed to fit neatly between the keyboard and the monitor. 3. Handheld Scanner –The least expensive and least reliable of the three, is a handy portable option Disadvantage: It is often difficult to get a good scan because the user must move the scanner in a straight line and fixed rate. Optical Mark Reader –was designed initially to read penciled or graphic information on exam answer sheets. Handheld Electronic Organizers –are small mobile computers that accept input through a pen like instrument called a stylus that is used to write n the computer’s screen. Microphone – device for converting sound wave into electrical energy. Web Camera – is a camera that is in some way connected to the World Wide Web, or Internet. Track pad – a small, touch-sensitive pad, usually a couple of inches square, which acts as an alternative to a mouse on some notebook/palmtop computers. It works by sensing fingertip pressure. Joystick – a manual control consisting of a vertical handle that can move freely in two directions; used as an input device to computers or to devices controlled by computers. Touch Screen– a type of display screen that has a touch-sensitive transparent panel covering the screen. Instead of using a pointing device such as a mouse or light pen, finger is used to point directly to objects on the screen. Light Pen – input device that utilizes a light-sensitive detector to select objects on a display screen. A light pen is similar to a mouse,...
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