Computer Application In Business

Topics: Computer program, Computer, Information systems Pages: 19 (2611 words) Published: April 4, 2015
 Letter of Transmittal

Dated: April 23, 2012
Dewan Mostafizur Rahman
Course teacher,
Department of Finance,
University of Dhaka.
Subject: Submission of report.
Dear Sir,
With due respect, we are submitting here with our report on Computer application in business. It is a requirement of BBA program from department of finance, Dhaka University. In spite of a number of limitations we have exerted our best effort to prepare this report and to make it a vivid and comprehensive one for accomplishing our academic requirement So, we request you to accept our report and give us a proper suggestion in this case. We shall always be obliged to furnish our clarification regarding this report, if required. If we did any mistake, we are looking forward to your important advice.

Sincerely yours,
Abdul Hannan khan
On behalf of the group
Department of Finance,
University of Dhaka.
Abdul Hannan Khan
Rafat Khair Rushdi Ahaduzzaman Mohammad Jahidul Islam MD.Tauhidul Islam


First of all we would like to express our gratitude from heart to the Almighty Allah for giving us the strength and patience to prepare this report within the scheduled time. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the various Authors, whose textbooks have been instrumental in preparing this Report. Finally, we are especially grateful to our honorable course teacher for giving his valuable suggestions and precious contributions .The applications that he taught us in our course has worked as a beacon while preparing this report

Table of contents


Executive summary
Chapter 1

1.1Objectives of the study

1.2 Methodology of the study

1.4 Limitations of the report
Chapter 2
Computer & IT components
Chapter 3
Information System
Chapter 4
Implementation of different computer application
Chapter 5

Executive Summary

This report is about computer, Information system and implementation of different computer application. This report was assigned to us by our honorable course teacher Dewan Mostafizur Rahman to show and explain some of the applications of computer in business.

A computer is a device that is electronic, can store data and can store and follow a set of software instruction called a program that tells the computer what to do. It has five main components, Hardware, Software, Stored Data, Procedures and personnel.

An information system is a collection of components that work together to provide information to help in the operation and management of an organization .The users of an information system includes Professional users and End users.

The uses of computer applications in modern business era are increasing day by day. The use of computer application has become important for almost every sphere of business. In our report we have tried our level best to show implementation of different computer application.

Chapter: 1, Introduction

1.1Objectives of the study

Primary objective: the primary objective of preparing this report is to meet...

Bibliography: 1.
2. Business and Information Systems --- Robert C. Nickerson
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