Computer Animation

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Computer Animation
Computer animators work to bring objects to life through the use of computer graphics. Like traditional animators, computer animators manipulate graphics and images to simulate movement. However, unlike traditional animators, computer animators use digital technology to create new visual effects and motions that help avoid the monotonous, frame-by-frame drawing required for each picture. Computer animation is a very lucrative business and shows no sign of slowing down in the future. Computer animators can find work in a variety of places, from film and television studios, to video game productions, to advertising companies. A computer animator usually has a flexible schedule. The number of hours they work every week can vary as long as they get their work done. Normally working about eight hours a day, five days a week, a computer animator’s schedule can stretch into evenings and weekends if there is an especially important deadline approaching. Not much is demanded of a computer animator on a physical basis, but they are required to stay constantly creative. Animators must persistently come up with new stories, characters, and scenes for their work (Computer). Computer animators begin their day developing ideas into storyboards. Afterwards, around noon, they meet with clients to discuss different ideas, then the animators begin putting together the images and constructing scenes on the computer. This work can take all morning and all afternoon, including a lunch break, of course. Afterwards, the animators must meet with the clients again, along with advertising agencies to strategize on the project. After a specific job is agreed upon, the animator spends the rest of his day working on the computer, either starting a new job or continuing a previous one (Animation). Computer animators and multimedia artists earn a salary of about $44,000. In the film and movie industry, the average salary is about $60,000. As with every career, an animator’s...

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