Computer and Technology

Topics: Computer, AIDS, Computer software Pages: 3 (1612 words) Published: May 7, 2013
By: Crystal Benbow
English 101

Centuries ago cavemen used to rub sticks together to make fire for warmth and cooking. Now, there are electric heaters and stoves that heat instantly. Mankind once used spears and other dangerous methods to catch their food, but now there are guns, traps, and even some painless ways to get our food. Planting, growing, and harvesting plants were all done by human hands, but now machines do most of the crop growing for the people. Humans only could see bad weather coming when it was already too late, now there is Doppler radars that can track storms days even weeks before they hit. It’s amazing how so much developments in technology came over the decades so fast. Technology has changed over the years. At one point and time everyone had to use type writers, but now they are able to use computers. Technology has now become a part of everyday life. Because technology has changed over the years, there are now computers, which can be used to travel the world instead of viewing post cards or actually having to go to these places. You can just get online search for any place in the world, and the Internet will take you there. You never have to even leave you house to travel the world. Technology affects everyone’s everyday life. For example where people once had to go inside a workplace to fill out a job application, they are now able to just get on their laptops or computers and fill out applications online. Many years ago before there were computers everyone had to go to the library and look through thousands of books just to do a research paper, but now they can just get on the computer and just with a push of a button everything they are looking for is right at their fingertips. With technology students can now go to school online instead of going to a campus college. Almost everything is now technology based. When riding on the trains in New York City there once was a time where the conductor would announce the next...

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