Computer and Source Software C.

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012100 Computers and the digital revolution have changed our lives in many fundamental ways. If you were on the front lines of the digital revolution when computers were first developed to break codes and calculate missile trajectories, you were most likely living in what time period? A. World War I

B. The roaring twenties
C. World War II
D. The 1960s

Today, consumers can choose from a wide variety of digital devices, including personal computers, workstations, videogame consoles, smartphones, iPods, and PDAs. Knowing the strengths of these devices helps you make the right choice. What is the fundamental difference between videogame consoles, personal computers, and smartphones? A. Video game consoles and smartphones are not be classified as computers because they don’t have stored program capabilities like real computers. B. Videogame consoles and smartphones fill specialized niches and are not replacements for personal computers. C. Personal computers and smartphones can be used to access the Internet, whereas videogame consoles cannot. D. Personal computers and smartphones have better graphics than videogame consoles.

When you shop for digital devices, their capabilities are often touted in terms of speed and capacity. Suppose you’re shopping for a USB Flash drive. A friend recommends one that’s 64 GB. What does that mean? A. It operates at 64 gigabits per second.

B. It holds 64 billion bytes of data.
C. It holds 64 million 0s and 1s to represent data.
D. It uses 64-bit ASCII code to hold data.

Programmers write computer programs for word processing, displaying photos, playing music, and showing movies. What programmers write, however, is not what a computer actually processes. Why is this the case? A. Because programmers usually write programs using high-level programming languages that have to be converted into machine language that computers can work with. B. Because programs are basically outlines that programmers have to fill out using op codes. C. Because high-level languages are too detailed for computers to process, so programs written in these languages have to be simplified. D. Because computer programmers make too many errors for programs to run successfully.

Security experts stress that the use of “strong” passwords can prevent identity theft and help to keep your computer files secure. Which of the following passwords is likely to be the most secure? A. 12345 because it is all numbers.

B. Hippocampus, because it is a long and unusual word.
C. Il2baomw, because it combines numbers with a nonsense word. D. Football88, because it combines a word and numbers
Chapter 2
022100 In the interest of being ecological, many consumers consider upgrading their computers instead of disposing of them and buying a new one. Which one of the following upgrades is best left to professional technicians? A. Replacing the microprocessor with a newer model

B. Adding an external hard drive for backup
C. Swapping out a graphics card for a more powerful one
D. Adding RAM

Some computers are suitable for e-mail, word processing, and similar low-key operations, whereas other computers have the power to keep up while you play complex action games, edit high-resolution videos, and prepare multi-track sound recordings. Which of the following computers is the most powerful? A. Intel Core 2 Quad processor; 4 GB RAM

B. AMD Phenom Quad core processor; 3 GB RAM
C. Intel Core 2 Quad processor; 2 GB RAM
D. Intel Atom processor; 4 GB RAM

Storage devices have varying levels of versatility, durability, speed, and capacity. For a student who owns a computer, but sometimes needs to use computers in the school lab, which storage device is most versatile? A. Hard disk drive

C. Solid state drive
D. USB flash drive

Computer owners usually want to add various peripheral devices to their computers. Suppose you have a notebook computer and you want to add an external hard drive,...
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