Computer and Health

Topics: Computer, Wrist, Carpal tunnel syndrome Pages: 7 (2526 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Computer and Health

Athena B. Dela Cruz
English 2
Writing in the Discipline
March 2013

Today computers are used on a production, in the off schools and flats. Children, which can’t read and write yet, already strongly use this wonder machine, playing on it for hours. Most people always use computers for some important purposes. It is not uncommon that many daily occupations demand the full time use of computer. A computer is a programmable device that processes data and performs calculations and other symbol manipulation task. It is used to store and write-up massive documents. A person knows that a computer is any device which aids humans in performing various kinds of computations or calculations. In that respect the earliest computer was the abacus, used to perform basic arithmetic operations. People, which earn with the work on a computer, have the greatest part of health complaints on muscles and joints diseases. But there can be more serious diseases. The most prevailing is carpal tunnel syndrome. In this case arm nerves are damaged with the frequent and long work at the computer. The hardest form of this syndrome is pains that deprive human efficiency. Computers helps the users to make their job easier, but there can be a number of risks associated using computers for a long of time. Being on a computer too much can also lead to anti-social behaviour. The continual use of computers can affect the health of the users.

Computers has important role for Education and Communication. As we know Computer is essential to everyone. It is very hard to imagine modern life without computer. Day by day the benefits of computer and internet are increasing and everyone is interested in studying about computers. Since it is available in almost all the fields and computer knowledge is important to everyone. With the ever increasing population of computer technology, it is almost impossible to find an educational establishment that does not use it. Computer are becoming a more and more important within education as both a learning tools for students and for keeping records of all individuals at school. Computers has important aspect in school including “administrative use, and research” Importance of Computers in Education (2006, March 15), from The first important aspect of using computer is for Administrative Use. Schools often use computers in an administrative capacity. This includes maintaining student’s records and managing school information. Computers may be used to track student attendance and grades. Some students send their projects through e-mail, it is also use as a form of communication. The school libraries use an electronic system for locating books. The second aspect of using computer is for researching. Students use computer to research for their projects and assignment. Research projects for student take a modern turn with the use of computer. Internet research familiarizes student with the wealth of knowledge given by the computer. A computer also offers the chance to teach children how to find reliable resources since the internet contains inaccurate or undocumented information. For every factual and accurate piece of information that can be found on the internet, there are ten false one. Computers allow students to collect this data quickly and efficiently and learn skills such as finding relevant information and producing it in a way that can be read by others. Communication is another important role of computer and has become very easy through internet and e-mail. Computer communicates using telephone lines and modem through email. You can send messages to anybody in any part of the world in just a second while if we write letter it will reach in some days. So the internet has made the earth a global village and above all saves time. This would not be possible without computers....

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