Computer and Grades

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Chapter I
This chapter presents the background of the study, problem and its significance, and the scope and limitation of the study.

Background of the Study
In this Information Age we are able to process or transmit, sort and retrieve data or information between one computer to another. With this, it makes the communication and different task done easy and less time consuming and hassle free. Like in schools, offices this brings a big help. In schools especially in colleges/universities it is consist of different people and machine that work together to achieve one common goal. One of this goal is the transferring of data or information of computed grades of the student on how they performed academically in their different respective subject. On latter days, instructors manually computing the grades of their students then input it in computer, print it for them to have the hard copy. One is for their own then the other copy for the registrar or dean whom they passed the reports of the grades. But with this grading system, they can compute or tabulates the grades of their students computerized, easily and efficiently, less paper works and they can pass it through computer to the registrar and dean. And most important is that the student can quickly response if he have a problem with his grades because of the system SMS notification. The student will receive a SMS notification if he is needed to comply or talk with his respective instructor about his academic performance or grades. This will help the student that always have the reason of it was too late when they know that they failed on that subject so they were not able to comply or talk with their instructor.

Objectives of the Study
The main objective of the study is to minimize the task of the instructor. Through this system, the students can comply to their instructors through the system SMS Notification regarding on their academic status. And the instructor would be benefited because of the computerized and not manually computation of the grades of the student. Specifically, this study aims to achieve the following objectives: 1. To describe the development of Grading System for ACLC College of Gapan based on System Development Life Cycle as follows: 1.1 Preliminary Study

1.2 Feasibility Study
1.3 Detailed System Study
1.4 System Analysis
1.5 System Design
1.6 Coding
1.7 Testing
1.8 Implementation
1.9 Maintenance

2. To test and evaluate Grading System for ACLC College of Gapan based on quality model of ISO 9126. 2.1 Functionality
2.2 Reliability
2.3 Usability
2.4 Efficiently
2.5 Portability
2.6 Maintainability

Conceptual Framework
Record Grades manually
Manual computation using calculator
Record of grades
Figure 1.1 OLD SYSTEM

Computerized recording of grades
Computerized computation of grades and transmit record into Database OUTPUT
SMS Notification
Computerized record of Grades & student records
Figure 1.2 NEW SYSTEM

Significance of the study
Students. The result of this study helps the students to monitor his/her grades whether if he/she fails or pass through SMS Notification.

Teachers. This study helps the teachers to compute the grades of the students easily, practically and accurately. And to monitor/update the student list and academic performance of the class under him.

Parents. This study will benefit and help the parents to monitor the class standing of their son/daughter and to know if their son/daughter will be pass or fail.

Registrar. This study will benefit and help the registrar to monitor the student list and information with the grades coming from their instructors.

Dean. This study will benefit and help the dean of this college to monitor the class standings and per term submission of grades of the students by the instructors.

Future Researchers. This study will serves as reference for the...
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