Computer and Books

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As the second speaker of the negative team, I would be elucidating the importance of books while also explaining why books are better than the internet through the fact that books have a better chance of benefiting a child than the internet. 1| Standard books contain true and verified information unless it fictional, but on the other hand, internet can sometimes contain false information placed by saboteurs or trolls. The internet is full of “stuff” but its value and readability is often questionable. 5 | Also it could have a possibility of giving the user poor eyesight as from the light emitted by the screen of the device, such as I pads, E pads, Computer or phones. The users would be straining their eyes to adjust to the light level in order to read the content properly. 9| A thousand? Two thousand? If so how much books can you buy with all that money? 40? 50? Also consider the fact books aren’t only one time use but can last a long time which means that it can be reused. Internet is just a tool, but books enhance your life. 13| Internet is just a tool, but books enhance your life.Firstly, books are essential in a child’s every day learning. Schools use books to assist them in teaching the students. Take for instance, text books. Students use textbooks to store notes and to do exercises on. 2| “Stuff doesn’t give you a competitive edge, high-quality related information sourced directly from books do. Quoted from Association of American Publishers President, Patricia Schroeder.Internet is just a tool, but books enhance your life. 6| Thus resulting in a way that is deleterious to the user.Internet is just a tool, but books enhance your life.Even though the...
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