Computer Addiction on Campus

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computer addiction on campus
there is no doubt that computers have had beneficial effects on the way we work, study, and play. However, computer addiction has become a significant problem for some students whose lives are affected by long periods of time spent in front of a computer screen. Instead of establishing face-to-face relationships on campus, these students use the computer as their primary method of interaction. Research indicates that these students have a greater potential for failing their classes and dropping out of college because they are unable to function academically and socially. It is not always easy for students to evaluate whether their computer use has become an addiction or not. However, if they perceive a negative impact on their grades or if they seem incapable of restricting their own computer use, then it may be time to seek professional assistance on this issue. A college counselor can assess the problem and advise students of effective methods to stop their addiction.

By using computers, our everyday life becomes more convenient. Meanwhile, computers addiction also causes a lot of significant problems. Students who are unable to restrict their own computer use can gradually lose their capacity to establish face-to-face relationships. Worse still, they are more likely to drop out of college than others. Computer addiction is hard to be evaluated. Because it seems that using computers for a long time is something perfectly normal for us. However, if those who often use computers find out that their grades are negatively influenced, they’d better seek someone professional for a help.

I think addiction is something really hard to be identified, because it depends on specific circumstance. For example, if the definition of computer addiction is that using computer for a long time, many unacceptable conclusions will immediately follow from that. For example, a student who majors in computer science needs a...
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