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Everybody arond the world in there homes might not mean something to another person but, is very special to you. In my home the most important thing is the computer. The computer is important because I use it for entertainment, scholl work, and just to help out a friend when something important is due. Without a computer I dont know what I will do. Thank god for computers. In my home the computer is something that is needed especially for entertainment. First, my computer help me catch up on today events occuring around the world. Just in cause I miss the news on television, I can get updated on the computer. Second, the computer is a great way to talk to my friends, if i cant talk to my friends over the phone I can get in contact with them over the......... Many of the routine activities in today’s society are being performed by computers. For example, when we go on holiday our seats are often reserved with a computer. The traffic in the some major cities is, to a large degree controlled by computer. Many of the bills we pay are calculated and printed by a computer. Hence computer has marked a new era in the history of development of man’s life.

Because of its extremely high seed, a computer can carry out calculation in just a few minutes that would require months perhaps even years if carried by hand. This very high speed is accompanied by an equally high level of reliability. Thus a computer practically never makes a mistake of its own accord. Computers are devices which process information very fast. These machines can be programmed and can be made to perform repetitive type of calculations consistently, accurately and speedily.

Computers cannot ‘think’ in the way humans can do. They can do what they are told. Finally, it is important to appreciate the once a computer has been given a piece of information, it is always capable of ‘remembering’ it at any time. In this sense, it is far superior to human being. The computer, however, can always find any...
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