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Computer Applications, (661) 722-6300 Computer Definition Computerized systems are an integral part of today’s society, and understanding them is key to success. Computer information science, computer networking, and computer applications are fields that are dynamic, exciting, and rewarding for people who enjoy challenges. At AVC, the computer studies programs are designed to provide students with the skills necessary to compete in computerrelated fields or to prepare for further study at the university level.

Networking and Computer Information Science Career Options


to evolve with technology. The Computer Applications program concentrates on microcomputer applications in the area of electronic spreadsheets, electronic presentations, database management, word processing, networks, Internet, and computer operating systems. The Computer Networking Certificate provides students with entry-level skills and the essential knowledge needed to succeed in the computer networking field. The certificate program also provides an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge through advanced networking and network operating system classes. In the Computer Software Developer Program, students explore the theory of software design and improve individual skills through a “hands-on” approach to writing, testing, and debugging computer programs. Students will develop analytical skills, along with a solid foundation in several computer programming languages, through the analysis of generalized computer algorithms. The Business Computer Information Science Program offers students an opportunity to develop computer skills in a business environment. Through theoretical discussions and a “handson” approach, students will explore the integration of business and computer concepts, while developing skills necessary to enter and succeed in the work environment. Students must receive a minimum grade of “C” or better in all required core courses and the specific courses listed as program electives in order to qualify for the degree or certificate.

Business Applications Programmer Communications Manager Computer Engineer Computer Sales Database Specialist Network Administrator Programming Manager Scientific Applications Programmer Software Application Specialist Software Engineer Systems Analyst Systems Programmer (Some of these careers may require education beyond the two-year college level.)

To access faculty and staff, dial (661) 7226300, then the 4-digit extension.

Program Advisement: Dr. Tom O’Neil, Dean Administrative Assistant: Christi Crosby Faculty: Dr. Ed Beyer Kathleen Moore Ron Mummaw Adjunct Faculty:

Program Learning Outcomes
Computer Networking, and Computer Networking MultiPlatform
1. Demonstrate the ability to setup, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain a microcomputer operating system. Demonstrate networking skills that include installing, configuring, and troubleshooting network devices, protocols, and services. Demonstrate networking administration skills related to server operating systems, network security, and directory services administration.

ext. 6370 ext. 6370 ext. 6374 ext. 6378 ext. 6379


To access adjunct faculty voice mail, dial (661) 722-6300, then the 4-digit number.

Sharon Adam Allen Andrews Jim Bowen Jim Hensel Richard Hoffman Mark Ivey Dennis Kallemeyn Dr. Adam Lee Gail Lofdahl Wayne Lynch Daniel McMahon Kent Moser Kathy Osburn Robert Price Tim Ross Jason Schalow Roland Thomas Terry Tretter Samuel Vitale Lori Young

V.M. 2167 2261 2602 2158 2954 2128 2604 2453 2658 2611 2324 2294 2316 2449 2385 2279 2286 2309 2668


Business Computer Information Science
1. 2. Create common documents in an Office Application Suite. Design, and create and test a program in a high-level, objectoriented, programming language based on a given set of specifications. Identify the primary hardware components of a complete computer system.


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