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Topics: Computer, Computer program, Source code Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Max. Marks: 75

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: This paper of Computer Studies (Theory) Elective Class-x consists of two separate question papers, the first paper (section ‘A’) consists of only M.C.Qs. This paper of 30 minutes duration will be given to the candidates first of all collected bask as soon time over. Then the candidates will be given the next paper 2 ½ hours comprising short-answer questions (section ‘B’) and detailed answer questions (section ‘C’).

SECTION ‘A’:It consists of 15 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), all are to be answered. SECTOIN ‘B’:It consists of 15 Short-Answer Questions out of which 12 are to be answered. SECTION ‘C’:It consists of 3 Detailed-Answer Questions out of which only 2 questions are to be answered.


Q.1: Choose the correct answer for each from the given options: (Marks: 15)

(i) A program written in high level language is called ____________ (a) Hard Program (b) System program (c) Correct Program (d) Source Program (ii) __________ is the characteristic of monitor that effects on the sharpness of an image. (a) Net pitch (b) Path pitch (c) Dot pitch (d) None of them (iii) The language used for business application is called _______________ (a) COBOL (b) FORTRAN (c) BASIC (d) PASCAL (iv) Computer can recognize a total of ___________ different characters. (a) 275 (b) 256 (c) 235 (d) 255 (v) A set of instruction is called _________________

(a) Program (b) Information (c) Data (d) Introduction (vi) _______ generation is called the generation of artificial intelligence. (a) Third(b) First(c) Second(d) Fifth

(vii) In _________ Blaise...
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