Child Poverty

Topics: Poverty, Poverty threshold, Poverty in the United States Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Why should we care about child poverty in the UK

The term poverty is used to describe people, individuals or families who do not have as much money as other people in the society they live in. Poverty and child poverty go hand in hand, looking at the bigger picture if the parents are living in poverty so will the children, with lots of different elements possibly causing this. They may have a poor diet due to the fact that fruit, vegetables, meat and fish can be expensive especially when you have very little money. They cannot afford to live in the customs society feels are normal for example sky television or the latest clothes or trainers. However it is not always just money that can affect someone living in poverty it can also be having little or no education. Often children who live in poverty will leave school, at sixteen with bad GCSE results or none at all, resulting in no job or a low paid job, leaving them unable to provide for their family. Child poverty is not just famine or children dying in the developing world as television images would have us believe, it is a big problem in the United Kingdom too (End child poverty,2013). Its time our eyes were opened to the fact that “at least one out of every six children in the United Kingdom lives in relative poverty” (BBC News, 2013). Child poverty can occur from many different elements “is the single greatest threat to the well-being of children and families” (Banardos, 2013). a two parent family with two children needs to earn £349.00 per week to stay above the poverty line, many families fall under this figure. unemployment , low paid jobs, uneducated or poorly educated people contributed with high child care costs all attribute to the problem. As does inadequate benefits, the set levels of benefits can leave people below the poverty line (Save the children). Poverty can mean being cold or hungry often they are not able to enjoy a simple holiday as a family. Many miss out on clubs at school or after...
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