Cgi (Computer Generated Imagery)

Topics: Computer graphics, Computer-generated imagery, Computer animation Pages: 4 (1420 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Sandra Lewis
English 102.033
Mr. Larsen
April 3, 2011
Computer-Generated Imagery Forever Changes The Face Of Film And Television Movies were entirely revolutionized in the 1990s after the release of Toy Story (1995), the first feature length animation made entirely from CGI (computer-generated imagery) to be released. When it came to the drawing boards, productions companies changed the ways they had traditionally made animated movies. Movies made with CGI became easier to produce, more eye appealing, and realistic. The production of movies was entirely renovated. In the world of animation, CGI made the creating and editing of animated movies possible to change a scene in a month rather then a year. Movies have stuck to CGI majority of the time making it the new standard for most viewers, the new type competition between production companies, and the new requirement on resumes for hopeful animators. CGI gave the production of science-fiction movies the possibility to have a realistic feel. The significant differences between CGI and classical hand-drawn animations are not only the obvious; one being done by computer and one is on paper. The biggest difference is time efficiency and believability. A computer-generated image can be done one of two ways: a picture that is hand-drawn and then scanned into a computer or an entirely computer produced image, with a software specially designed for computer made imagery (Abbott, Pg. 91). After this step computer animators can move images around in one thousandth of the time it would take to move a hand-drawn image. Hypothetically meaning that if a hand-drawn scene took you twenty-four hours to move images around, with a CGI it would take twenty-four seconds. That changes the entire playing field when it comes to filmmaking. The ability to go in and out of scenes and move the image or objects not wanted, without distorting the background or surrounding images, is a step that has made CGI animator friendly. The images...

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