Catergories of Computers

Topics: Computer software, Malware, Computer program Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: January 31, 2013
‘’Computer crimes are on the rise and cause financial and personal damage to victims they affect. The easy accessibility of computers and the anonymous nature of the Internet have created new ways to perform illegal actions. Security measures are always being created to prevent problems is the key to prevent us from becoming a victim.’’ (Shelia Robinson) There are so many computer crimes out there, but I am only going to explain four of them. These four computer crimes are the most common crimes that are talked about. My first crime is computer fraud. Computer fraud is when a victim is conned into believing that he will receive money or something else of value. A good example is when you get an email that starts off good to get you to open it and then it will say if you fill out this survey you will be in a drawing to win $5,000. Computer industrial espionage is my second and it is when a person is stealing of trade secrets or spying on somebody through technology mean. Like blackmail because, there are so many people getting blackmail every day. A computer virus transmitter is someone who creates a malicious virus to infect computers from functioning properly, run annoying programs, and gain access to the victim’s personal data. It is best known as ‘’malware’’ this can be download from like emails and pop-up windows. Software piracy is one of several forbidden actions that may be taken by the end user of a particular piece of software. A good example is when a user purchases a software application; it does not belong to them. You will always have an issued license to use the software on a single computer this protects your privacy. All of these crimes need to be watched when a person is on the computer. Especially software piracy, because I think it is the most threat to us all. Dealing with software piracy is just like saying your identity has been stolen, but on from a computer. Once you order something online and that websites have pop-ups, you are bound to...
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