Career in Computer Security Analyst

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Computer Security Specialist
A Computer Security Specialist implements, plans and coordinates security measures for information systems. Computer Security Specialists create plans to guard computer files against cyber attacks, unauthorized modification, accidental, destruction and disclosure. Employees talk with users to mediate security violations, programming changes, and issues arising from computer data access needs. Computer Security Specialists erect firewalls and encrypt data transmissions to conceal confidential information. The educational requirements for becoming a computer security specialist vary. Some jobs may require only a computer-related associate degree. However, a bachelor’s degree in information Systems or Computer Science is a prerequisite for some jobs. The employment outlook from now until 2020 is projected to grow 22 percent. Demand for information security analysts is expected to become very high as cyber attacks have become more sophisticated and frequent. Industries such as the healthcare and financial sector are expected to hire more computer security specialists, as they need to protect their clients’ information. Also, the use of cloud services requires service firms to take measures to ensure their data is safeguarded so customers can access storage, software and other computer services of the internet securely. The federal government is also expected to hire more computer security specialists, as they will need to protect the nation’s critical IT systems. The wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the starting wage is $20 per hour, leading into the average wage of $34 per hour. The average 50 percent of computer security specialists earn about $46,000 to $73,600 annually. Working in a certain industry affects your level of pay. For example, a computer security specialist hired by a wired telecommunication carrier makes an average of $65,100 annually, while working for a university earns $51,400...
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