Care of Suicidal Patient in Ed

Topics: Suicide, Parasuicide, Hospital Pages: 4 (1222 words) Published: August 21, 2013
This article is about caring for pediatric patients who are suicidal. I believe in coincided with what we have recently been learning about during our clinical experience. I was also interested in this article because I had worked in pediatrics for six years prior to working in a rehab/nursing home setting. After reading this article, I learned ways to carefully screen the pediatric patient, how to do an assessment and how some families act and what measures of support they need during their families time of crisis.

This article gave a case study of a boy that was brought into the emergency department with his mother and grandfather. When the nurse met him in the reception area he was sitting in a chair with his legs pulled up to his chest and his shoe laces were untied. He avoided eye contact during their meeting. The mother in the case study was visibly upset. This boy was brought to the emergency department because this young boy was found in the kitchen holding a butcher knife to his neck, when his mother walked in and got the young boy to give her the knife.

Prior to this day there were many changes in the young boy’s life, he recently started a new school and he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. This boy also had trouble making friends in his school and he was being bullied. Other children at school were threatening this boy. This story made me think of all the children that are in PEHMS and how he seemed to have a lot of things in common with them. They were all in similar situations.

The nurse after obtaining this history from his mother and asking about any medications, vaccinations, allergies, possible exposures to communicable diseases also needed to obtain his vital signs and head to toe assessment. The young boy let the nurse do his height and weight but as soon as the nurse put the stethoscope to the boys chest he felt his heart pounding and he thought it meant he was going to die. The boy had anxiety during the assessment...

References: Schmid, MS, RN, CPNP-PC/AC, CPEN, A. (2011). Care of the suicidal pediatric patient in the
ed: A case study. American Journal of Nursing, 111(9), 34-43. Retrieved from 5
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