Can Computers Replace Men

Topics: Machine, Human, Computer Pages: 3 (1274 words) Published: September 22, 2012
I think most of us know the fact that a chess-playing computer Deep Blue developed by IBM defeated the world chess champion in 1997. Then a lot of queries come to our mind and scientists concern more about that. Can computer have intelligence and think like human beings? Will computer be superior to us and replace us in the future? On hearing these questions, many people may think that it’s impossible that computer will be superior to human. Computer is made by us; it’s only a machine, a tool. It cannot have feelings, write poems or sing some songs to express themselves. But a lot of facts make us surprised. Let us see what is going on in detail. A chess-playing computer can defeat the world chess champion in 1997. Nowadays, artificial intelligence has got a significant development. Computer can understand our language and accept the oral command. Computer can already do a lot of tasks and they are learning to do other new tasks one by one. In some fields, computer works more efficient than human indeed. However, I think, we should catch the key point: computer is always doing the things that we told them how to do. We admit that if we tell computer how to do the work, it can do it and sometimes it can do better than us because computer has greater ability to deal with some special kind of problems and it will not be tired. The key is that, computer is only executing or repeating the command which is expressed in the form of program, computer cannot solve the new problems that it has never met, and it doesn’t have the ability to innovate. The human’s development process is always raising problems and solving them again and again, these attributes cannot be possessed by the computer. Furthermore, though computer can act like human, it is still a computer; it doesn’t have feelings or free will. We have feelings, we will be happy or unhappy, we will be ashamed when we do something wrong. We have soul and we are alive. We have free will to decide what...
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