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Chapter 43

What was it that Drew Bolt did not understand?

Drew did not know that in any organization, managers or any other top officials follow their words and when they say no, they meant no.This is common especially in organizations with bureaucratic structures.

 Could the “boundaryless” concept work in some organizations?

Yes, it works. So of the companies which practice this comprises of Apple and Google. In these two companies, opinion of staff across the departments is being considered relevant. However, other companies do not practice this because of various reasons. In most cases, there are laid down rules and regulations that are followed.

Was Bolt’s fate typical for a whistleblower?

Yes, it was. His means of communication were not acceptable. It was against the rules and norms of the company, and this made him be thrown out. No one was allowed to associate with him because of his unethical actions.  In your previous experience, have you been associated with a Drew Bolt type character? What did they do? What happened to them?

I have associated with such people in my life. They were excited, and they felt that they knew what to be done tempting them to do things in their own way. Because of that, they got frustrated because they were not supported; in fact they were fired because the management felt that they cost the company in case they are allowed to continue with such behavior.

Chapter 44

Why is so much importance attached to status symbols?

Status of person is vital because it can portray his or her ability. It creates an image of that person to the rest of the public. For instance, somebody driving a new BMW must be financially stable, respected businessman or a person working in a big company. Stanly hold a mere rank in a certain company. This is a clear indicator that he does not own an expensive office unlike Faust who has an expensive office.

After our discussion of Chapter 40 and 44, do you feel differently about symbols?

It does not create a significant impact reading on a paper; however, it is essential when it is used to reflect a certain company. The Stanley’s office is a clear indicator that he does not own any rank in the company. On the other hand, Ted’s office shows that he is the head of a certain department in the company.

Have you had any previous experiences similar to the ones described in this chapter?

Personally I have not witnessed that, but I know that such cases are seen in companies. Common employees in the totem pole are allocated to the simple offices with no windows with a shared cubicle.

Will you set your office up any differently now in the future after reading Chapters 40 and 44?

Yes, if at all I will have an office in the future. Depending on the responsibilities and the nature of the work, I will ensure that my office is neither too private nor institutional. Furthermore, I will make sure that my office is approachable and certain status at the same time.

Chapter 45

Why did Ben take the Actions he did?

Ben wanted to arrange all the records in a proper manner for easy reference. It is essential to have the records in a certain manner for easy access and also to be used as evidence that the work was done.

Were the actions that Ben took ethical?

According to my opinion, Ben acted in a certain manner because of the situation.Yes, I agree that Ben’s actions were unethical. However, it is evident that Ben had acted that way because of threats. If Ben could have done it in another way (the ethical way), the consequence could have been worse; I guess.

Can you summarize the lesson of this chapter in a commonplace expression?

At the end of the chapter, Stanley made it clear, “Actions speak louder than words”.

What function is served by “corporate witch hunts”?

Corporate witch hunts serve an essential function. In...
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