Benefits of Music Education

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Linda Herrick

Benefits of Music Education for Children and Society

Dr. Susan Hove-Pabst

April 13, 2005

K-8 Music Methods

Thesis Statement: Music education is a crucial aspect for the growth and expansion of a young child's mind or the expansion of an adult's mind.


I.Music education fits into various subjects in the classroom
A. Music is a science
1. It is exact, specific, and it demands exact acoustics
2. Music is a chart
a. Frequency
b. Intensity
c. Volume changes
d. Melody
e. Harmony
B. Music is mathematical
1. Rhythmatically based
a. Subdivisions of time
b. Time into fractions
C. Music is foreign language
1. Most terms are in a different language
a. Italian
b. German
c. French
2. Notation is not English
a. Developed kind of shorthand
b. Symbols to represent ideas
D. Music is physical education
1. Requires coordination
a. Fingers/Hands
b. Arms
c. Lips/Cheeks/Facial muscles
d. Back
e. Stomach
f. Ears
E. Music is art
1. Techniques
a. Take techniques to create emotion
2. Way of thinking
a. Humanism
b. Feeling
F. Music is fun
1. Fun
a. To listen
b. To create
c. To experiment
d. To perform
II.Benefits of learning a musical instrument
A. Ability to entertain
1. Form of self entertainment
2. Friends and family benefit
B. Discipline
1. Practice for hours during a week
2. Years of practice
C. Hand-eye coordination
1. Hands move from what the eyes read
2. Agility of the fingers
D. Timing and practice
1. Follow a tempo
2. Useful in project management
E. Self Confidence
1. In front of an audience
2. Skills for politicians
3. Skills for leadership positions
F. Team work
1. Playing in an orchestra requires teamwork
2. Becomes a habit

Benefits of Music Education for Children and Society

Knowing about music helps children learn many different aspects of the wide variety of the curriculum taught. Children can gain knowledge of other subjects while learning and gaining the facts about music. They can even expand on their own knowledge by knowing how to play a musical instrument. They can learn many skills in order to help them get through the assortment of classes they have on a regular basis. Is music really throughout the variety of subjects seen in the classroom or even when children are learning to play instruments? Music education is a crucial aspect for the growth and expansion of a young child's mind.

Music Education in Various Subjects

Having music in the classroom is a crucial aspect of gaining knowledge. Not only knowing math skills and science skills which can help you get through a regular day in the classroom. Knowing your music education can also help you through those classes. By knowing music it helps you understand more about science and how to be "exact, specific, and how it demands exact acoustics". Music can also be a chart where it shows frequency, intensity, volume changes, melody, or even the harmony. Music can help you in many other different subject areas as well. (United Musical Instruments [UMI], np)

Another area would be the mathematical approach. Music "is rhythmically based on the subdivisions of the time into fraction which must be done instantaneously, not worked on paper". Yet another subject is foreign language because of the amount of terminology of music that's in a different language such as; Italian, German, French and many others. Most notations for music are not even in English, "but a highly developed kind of shorthand that uses symbols to represent ideas". (United Musical Instruments [UMI], np)

Physical education can also be seen in music. Music lets you become more coordinated with your fingers and hands, your arms, lips or cheeks; you use your...

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