Assignment 2.1 the Public Needs to Know – Revision Version

Topics: Recession, Late-2000s recession, Unemployment Pages: 4 (1152 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Assignment 2.2: The Public Needs to Know – Revised Version

John Tapley
Strayer University
ENG 115: English Composition

Prepared for: Professor Michael Merva

Daily Bread is in need of your assistance. The amount of Americans living in poverty is at an all-time high due to the poor health the economy is in, and without your assistance many people often go to sleep hungry. Daily Bread’s non-profit operational budget is 100% based on donations of food, clothing, and medical supplies with 100% of your contributions finding its way to those in need. Daily Bread works towards supporting the local community and helping families make it through tough times. Donations generally decline during any time of economic turbulence, but the recent recession has taken a harder toll on American families than any previous time since the Great Depression. The economic recession that we are going through has been the longest recession since World War II (The National Bureau of Economic Research, 2010). Our local community was hit especially hard when the Bishop Auto Brakes plant closed down at the lowest point of the recession, one whose recovery has not been felt in our town. Many families and individuals affected by the more than 12,000 plant layoffs have had a great deal of trouble finding employment (see Fig. 1). [pic](Fig. 1)

As a food pantry that operates solely based off of the community’s contributions, the local economic health has made it so that now more than ever your donations are needed. The number of families who struggle to keep themselves sheltered and fed has risen dramatically in our community (National Poverty Center). Daily Bread provides for these hungry families, often resulting in their only meal of the day. Daily Bread provides food (see Fig. 2) and clothing assistance for families who have been hit hardest by the economic downfall that our country began years ago.

[pic](Fig. 2)
However, as...

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