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Table of Contents
Literature Review4
Secondary Data Collection6
Primary Data Collection6
Data Analysis7
Comparative Analysis of Training and Development Programs7
Conducting Formal Training and Development Program7
Need Assessment of Training Program8
Availability of Resource Person9
Types of Training Program10
Training Materials10
Abroad Training11
Priorities of Training Programs11
Training Budget13
Training Participated by Individuals13
Evaluation of Training Personnel14
Training Materials and Environment15
Observations and Lessons Learnt16


This paper deals with a comparative study on the issue of training and development for several leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. This study is based on primary data (questionnaire survey) and descriptive statistical tools have been used for analysis. The study covers critical analysis of few training and development parameters, like, need assessment, availability of training materials, resource persons, priorities Of training program, training budget etc. The analysis of the study shows that Glaxo SmithKline Bangladesh Limited is in a better position than any other leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh on the issue of training and development.


In any organization training is nothing but a means of survival in an extremely competitive and rapidly changing environment .Staffs are the key factor and determine the success of any large-scale project. The importance of this factor cannot be overemphasized for innovation or the widening of horizons. All measures to promote training are deliberately multifaceted and should form part of an ongoing process. The extreme usefulness of equal opportunities training should not be ignored since it brings to a firm a new outlook and enthusiasm.

Several evaluations have had an impact on training in the last decade. Technological evaluations, social and political changes and the internationalization of markets are rendering organizational management and planning increasingly difficult. Change and evolution go hand in hand with uncertainty, the inability to plan and unpredictability. Training ensures that a workforce has the ability to reach and maintain a leading Position: equal opportunities training ensure that employee and organizational status is continuously enhanced and not held back by discriminatory forces. ( H. Collins, 2001).

As a very important aspect of HRM, it has been tried in this study to focus different features of Training and Development programs of GSK Bangladesh Limited. For the study this comparison part belongs to:

1) To get an overview regarding the effectiveness of training and development of GSK in comparison With other pharmaceutical companies;

2) To determine the strengths and weaknesses of training and development programs of GSK in comparison to other companies.

3) To determine the standards of training programs of GSK in comparison with other related companies.

Another important aspect of this study is that in this study comparison between the training and development programs of a multinational company with a local company and also with a multinational, company have conducted so that the scenario of these companies regarding training and development can be found out and what arc the similarities and differences between these companies in this field that can also determined. So, for this reasons these three companies have been chosen.


The main objectives of this study are as follows:

• To get idea about the necessity of training and development programs of any company.

• To have a contemporary picture focusing the training and development programs GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited and in other two companies.

• To make comparison...
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