Art and writing after Ww1

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During world war one, soldiers as well as anyone involved in the war faced many horrors during battle. Many horrific experiences and emotions they had became the subject for new types of poetry, writing, and even artwork. Artists used their mediums to question the experience as well as emotion. Using new modern art techniques such as cubism and impressionism, artwork was completely changed from its previous forms, reflecting the confusion of the era. ​Modernism in artwork and literature rejected the older Victorian standards of how art is created, portrayed, and what its meaning should be. In the period of 1910 to 1930, “Modernism” refers to the large change in both aesthetic, cultural and emotional response shown in the art and writing during the post World War one era. By 1918, as the war ends domination of European foreign forces had concluded, allowing the "American Century" to begin. For people around the world dealing with the traumatic things they had faced, and the collapsing economies; previous values that had fallen, rejecting 19th century optimism instead replacing it with disarray, pessimism, and questioning of their previous values. ​Rejecting these “standards” many impressionistic artists painted outside. Using landscapes, street scenes and everyday figures. This relates to world war one because this artwork was mainly to stimulate the audience. Hoping to create unstructured, and undetailed views of the world using specific exemplifications of light on objects in their natural states and habitats. In the famous painting by Childe Hassam "The Avenue in the rain" created directly after the end of the war, rows and rows of American flags hang, some appear to be torn and worn down. The people in the painting have no face, and are blurry. Although you cannot see their emotion the viewer can infer a sense of sadness and mourning not only in one person but throughout the nation. The people are dressed in all black, with black umbrellas walking...
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