Are We Too Depentent on Computers

Topics: Computer, Education, The Help Pages: 4 (1312 words) Published: April 12, 2012
Reyna Navarrete
Mrs. Arteaga
English 1302
March 30, 2012

Are we too dependent on computers?

Over the past years computers have become a necessity we use everyday in our lives. Computers have made a big change in humanity because it benefits us in many ways. They are used in many places such as airlines and making reservations, help in school and colleges, banks, medicine, research, help become more organized and more uses. The connection between computers and our lives make us use computers more and more which will make us totally empty without the help of computers. Since computers were invented people have become too dependent on computers. Computers have found their way to every aspect of our lives and also make things a lot easier for us. We can work from our own home sometimes and socialize with our friends with websites on the internet without even going out to the real world. Also computers can be used as a way to relax ourselves when we are stressed out of so many problems that life confronts us. However, it is important to live our life outside of the computers because we can not just be attached to a computer all day. That would be wasting most of your life and when a computer becomes your main priority it can change people in their way of behaving and become very lazy. They will eventually think they cannot work in anything without a computer. For example, kids now a day ask their parents to buy them many stuff to have fun such as games used on computers. They benefit from this because by using computers at an early age can help them in the future. They will be able to get jobs quickly because in the future business will use computers for everything they do and if they get the knowledge of using a computer they will succeed. It also helps them to get good grades at school because computers will encourage them to do their work. Students can save allot of time if they work on their homework through...

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