Are Computers as Compatible as Humans?

Topics: Decision making, Thought, Computer program Pages: 4 (1495 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Tajinder Gill

Are Computers as Compatible as Humans?
The computer is not capable of thinking in the same manner as humans do. I disagree with those that view a computer as similar to humans in accordance to the compatibility. Although, computers have similar dimensions and functions like humans, yet, they are neither conscious nor aware of their surroundings. As a result, computer cannot actually think in the same sense as we do.

Initially, I want to define what I consider a human to be and its behaviour. According to me, I view humans to be living. We need air to breathe, food for energy, sleep to function better, and exercise to live longer. These qualities or needs are essential to survive. In other words, if we are unable to breathe, we will die. With that being said, we can still survive for few days without sleep, food, and exercise. We surely will be tired and exhausted without food and sleep, but we can still manage to walk, process thoughts, but at a slower rate, and communicate verbally or provide signals. Moreover, we also need stronger bonding with other individuals; for instance, family, friends, classmates, etc. We cannot rely on just on food or air to live. We would get lonely if we had no contact with any other individual on this plant. Therefore, such relations help us to make decisions, guide us, and protect us. Furthermore, all humans have similar appearance in general; for instance, we all have nose, hair, teeth, hands, etc. Generally, most individuals can differentiate a human from a computer by just looking at it. Secondly, what is a computer? A computer is a machine that lets me type, watch videos, play games and do various activities. It comes with a keyboard, speakers, disk operator, hard drive, monitor and a screen that allows me to view these activities. What sets a computer different from a human? Generally speaking, we can begin with its appearance. It looks nothing like a human. However, it...
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