Application of Computer in Pharmacy.

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Computer Applications in Pharmacy
Presenters: Judy Riffee Art Wharton

Physical components of a computer or computer system Three types of hardware required for computers to operate effectively 1. Processing components—organize, manage, and store the data CPU-retrieve and decode instructions and are the components that run the operation of the computer. Allows information to be passed within the components of the computer. Memory-main storage component called RAM (Random Access Memory). As RAM capacity increases, speed and accuracy of the system increases.


 Storage-External storage-other than the main memory. Includes drives and other removable devices. Electronic medical records systems provide better control of patient over patient identification, correct information, and identifying codes to help locate a specific record among large numbers of other patient records. 2. Input devices—allow information, or data, to be entered into the computer system Includes mouse, keyboard, touch screen, scanner and modem. Pharmacy computers often linked with robotic machinery that can handle dispensing, labeling, counting, packaging tasks.



3. Output devices—produce and release the data in a visual or tangible form. Includes monitors and printers.


The set or sets of instructions the computer follows to perform various functions. Programs each have a specific purpose, such as entering, editing, and formatting data. Specialized pharmacy software: eliminates repetitive data entry, simplify tracking of patient information, consultation and outcomes,, and storage of patient and facility records. Information from other programs generally may be imported or exported. In community and institutional settings, most software meet OBRA requirements, offer family linking, and allow up to four claims at a time for third parties to provide judgment on claims . 5...
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