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AP English Summer Assignment

Title: Fast Food Nation
Author: Eric Schlosser
Publication Date: January 17, 2002
Genre: Non-fiction
Information about the author:
Eric Schlosser was born in Manhattan 1959 but spent majority of his childhood in Los Angeles. He graduated from Princeton with a degree in American history. Before becoming a non-fiction writer, he tried many other professions including playwright, novelist, and a scriptwriter. Two of his plays have been produced in London. The first one, “Americans,” was produced in 2003 and the second, “We The People,” was produced in 2007. It wasn’t until his early thirties that he finally started writing non-fiction. At the time, Schlosser was working for Atlantic Monthly. He had many ideas and articles that were turned down by the magazine before Atlantic Monthly eventually assigned him an article titled “America and its Fast Food Industry.” This expanded to become: “Fast Food Nation,” an international bestseller. This book first appeared on the New York Times bestsellers list and stayed there for 2 years. It also appeared on 10 other bestsellers list. This wasn’t the only recognition that it got, it also made an appearance on 60 Minutes, CNN, FOX News, CBS Evening New, NBC Nightly News, The O’Reilly Factor, and Extra. In 2006, the book was turned into a film that Schlosser was able to help with it as an executive producer and he even co-wrote the script. Eric Schlosser’s work is still very popular and he continues to write non-fiction. In Fact, he is currently working on a book about the American Prison System. Through his work, Schlosser has been able to inform and inspire many people through the discussion of the fast food and how it has influenced everyone.

Historical information about the period of publication:
This book was published in 2002, long after the fast food industry was established and enlarged. The fast food industry, being a constantly growing industry, was at its largest so far. In fact, a huge tally was taken in the state of Chicago based on the number of fast food chains were located within the state. Just within Chicago, there were 79 different chain brands. There were 99 McDonald’s locations, 90 subway, 72 Dunkin Doughnuts, 50 KFC, 41 Burger King, 22 Wendy’s, 19 Taco Belle, and many more.

Characteristics of the genre:
The genre of this book is non-fiction, meaning it based on true facts. This genre is most commonly confused with a novel. Novels consist of specific elements of literature that non-fiction books do not. For example, novels have an exposition, rising action, climax, decline, and conclusion. They usually have characterization as well. Non-fiction book contain true events and facts. Some examples of other non-fiction pieces are essays, journals, documents, biographies, and textbooks.

The author wrote this book in two major sections: The American Way, and Meat and Potatoes. The American Way explains the beginning of fast food after World War 2. It opens by discussing Carl N. Karcher and the Mc Donalds brothers. It then goes on to explain the complicated relationship of Ray Kroc and Walt Disney to Carl. It covers the many ways they are similar and how they’ve made an impact of the fast food industry. This section also has a section that walks through the reasons why company’s profit from advertising directly to children. It concludes strongly as the author explains his trip to Colorado Springs where he gained knowledge about the typical fast food employee, which happens to have the highest rate of low-wage workers. The second section, Meat and Potatoes, talks about the chemical flavoring of food, the production of cattle and chickens, the beef industry, and the dangers of eating meat. It starts by going through the chemical components that give fast food its flavor. It then goes directly into the life of a typical rancher and the difficulties they face all due to the economy. It also...
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