Analysis: Computer Repair Shop

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Cole Gehrman
NT 1110
Unit 10 Analysis
Repair Shop
A computer repair shop chooses to back up the users data if there is an issue with the owners computer software. Then they just reinstall the operating system. What the computer repair shop doesnt do is reinstall the users applications.

There are good and bad things about doing business this way. Some of the pros are it is less time consuming, all of the users pictures, music, videos, and documents will be backed up, and the computer will end up getting fixed. Doing it this way is less time consuming and that is both good for the computer repair shop and for the customer. Having everything backed up and the computer getting fixed are probably the two most important things to the owner of the computer.

Despite all of the good things of fixing the computer of software problems by backing up the computer and reinstalling the operating system there still are some cons. There is not really any cons for the computer repair shop. However, for the user they might not like the fact that the person repairing the computer will not reinstall the users applications and programs.

A user who just uses their pc for browsing the internet and checking emails wont need a backup or any applications reinstalled. Someone who needs their documents for work will need all of them backed up but will probably not need their applications installed for them because they can just do it them selves.
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