An Urge to Teach Men Chivalry

Topics: Gender, Girl, Female Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: August 21, 2013
An urge to teach men chivalry

Today, we are living in an extra-modernized era totally
engulfed by the western culture, seems like we are
preety much advanced in the race and now can we be
called a “cool” nation. Then why are our general mass,
both young and old, still such uncouth and uncivilized to
harass women of our country? Why do women still need
to face abuses and barbarous attitude from men of our
country? Why?

Few days back, I was taking a stroll to a friend’s house
and I had to hear few offensive comments passed by
some guys at the road. Enraged and exasperated, I
stormed into my friend’s place. I was wondering why
men today don’t bother to show the respect which
women deserve. I was actually having a brainstorm in my
head out of extreme fury, that is when my friend’s mom
came up to me and asked me what had happened. After
hearing the incident from me, to my utter surprise, she
told me it was petty enough to react to such things
because she believes it is quite natural to happen with
girls since we are “girls”. As if, it is a crime to be born as a girl and since you are a girl, you cannot help facing
the criticism from the society every now and then. And
sad but true, it is a matter of regret that most of us
today, tend to believe such unfair theories.

I cannot stand it when women face discrimination and are
treated as inferior to men. Women are not just mere objects of sex, but they are equally capabale of making a mark side by side with men. Men and women are not competitive, rather
complementary to each other. And ergo, my intention to write this article is not that I want it to be regarded as a tour-de-force view, but to draw the attention of today’s men to chivalry. What I really want is to get rid of this present pathetic society of male chauvinism and make this earth a healthy place worthy of living!

Karishma Mahfuz.
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