America's First Ladies

Topics: President of the United States, Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton Pages: 4 (1285 words) Published: August 21, 2013
The Intrigues and Witticism of America’s First Ladies
According to many Americans, First Ladies usually play the normal roles of wives to their husbands, doing the regular activities that wives are supposed to do for their husbands. Such activities, of course, do not include the usual house chores such as doing the laundry and scrubbing the bathroom. These are left for their trusted maid servants. Apart from ensuring that the President’s suits have been nicely pressed, the First Lady will also be expected to accompany her husband during certain state functions of which she is required to. However, as Bill Alder reveals, the White House is not just a place to sit back, relax, watch TV and wait for Mr. President to come back home from a busy day. There are a few secret activities that go on inside and outside the chambers of the White House which would raise a few eyebrows when revealed. The following is a review of the book America’s First Ladies: Their Uncommon Wisdom from Martha Washington to Laura Bush by Bill Alder. It takes a deeper look into how these ladies are perceived by Alder and his personal opinions on their witticism and amusing undertakings in the White House. The following is an insight of some of these ladies’ lives. Mary Todd Lincoln

In the book, Alder pits the wife of Abraham Lincoln as a big spender. When her husband was vying for the top seat in the country, Mary Todd once whispered to a friend of hers that if Abraham won, he would remain privy to her habit of spending wildly. On the other hand, Mr. Lincoln would have a hard time to digest the fact that his wife is a spendthrift if he won the presidency (Adler, 2002). During her childhood years, Mary belonged to the aristocracy of Lexington. Her association with a privileged class increased her love of elaborate and showy attire and accessories. Though she couldn’t settle for cheap clothing and would never have dreamt of getting married to a man who was way below...

References: Adler, B. (2002). America 's First Ladies: Their Uncommon Wisdom, from Martha Washington to Laura Bush. Boulder, CO: Taylor Trade Publishing.
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